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Batch Maker

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

To apply, please send resume to Please indicate "Batch Maker" in the subject line.

If you are registered at a One-Stop Center and have a Career Counselor, please indicate their name.



Experience / Education Required


Age Requirement

# of Openings

Cypress, CA


$18/ hour

18 years and older


Full Time – 6:30 am – 3 pm

Drug test and 7-year background check required


Essential Job Duties

Skills Learned During On-the-Job Training

Minimum Qualifications

Certifications Gained During OJT


This company manufactures eco-friendly cleaning products which requires the employee to safely handle various chemicals in a warehouse setting. This position is responsible for ensuring the safe, consistent, and quality mixing of all production batches based on orders received and stock levels.

Essential Job Duties:
  • Following batch making schedule and making all liquids necessary to fulfill orders

  • Taking all batch samples with corresponding batch sheet to Chemist for quality control

  • Reporting all problems and concerns with new and existing formulas to Chemist

  • Keeping all raw materials properly labeled and stored and in their proper location

  • Ensuring that all batch tanks, drums, pails, and lab samples are properly identified and labeled

  • Providing Purchasing with a weekly requisition for raw materials to be ordered

  • Ensures housekeeping including a clean, organized batch area, in compliance with all safety regulations

  • Relocates chemicals received

  • Handling other special projects and requests as needed

Skills Learned During On-the-Job Training:
  • How to use Quality Management System

  • Hazardous communication – Hazardous chemical inventory procedures, Safety Data Sheets, proper labeling procedure, hazardous clean-up, employee access to hazardous chemical information, GHS labels, safe handling procedure, Hazardous Materials First Responder Operations (FRO) training and certification

  • Forklift training and certification

  • Sampling of raw materials and water supply – Understand process and observe testing by lab associates

  • Cleansing and sanitation process (Batch) – Learn cleaning and sanitation process to help ensure equipment used for manufacturing and/or anything that contacts the product is sanitary, hygienic, and will not negatively impact product quality by introducing contamination

  • Batch process for various products

  • Inventory move process – Learn to utilize scanner to input into Deacom, steps required to maintain accurate inventory level of liquid materials, follow order of addition, premix, in formula sheet

  • Batch material issue – Learn process related to material issue / proper inventory transactions, methods, and guidelines for performing inventory “issue” transactions in Deacom, steps to input batch QC data, input production details and approve the liquid to be filled

  • Receiving raw materials – How to receive and inspect all incoming materials for correct quantity, the quality of materials, and accuracy of shipment by reviewing if any discrepancies occurred when compared against the PO, BOL/packing slip, and any other carrier delivery paperwork

  • Non-conforming material process – How to identify, segregate, control, and dispose of material identified as non-conforming

Minimum Qualifications:
  • Ability to work independently and in a team environment

  • Ability to safely lift bottles, boxes, tools, equipment, and other necessary items (Up to 50lbs.)

  • Ability to multi-task

  • Ability to manage time effectively

  • Detail oriented with the ability to read, comprehend, and follow instructions

  • Basic math skills

Certifications Gained During OJT:
  • Hazardous Materials First Responder Operations (FRO)

  • Forklift driving

Batchmaker - OJT Job Opening (REV 09012022)
Download PDF • 235KB

This WIOA Title I financially assisted program or activity is an equal opportunity employer/program. Auxiliary aids and services are available upon request to individuals with disabilities. If you need special assistance to participate in this program, please call (714) 480-6500. TDD/TTY users, please call the California Relay Service at (800) 735-2922 or 711. Please call 72 hours in advance to allow the OC Workforce Solutions Center to make reasonable arrangements to ensure accessibility to this program.

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