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Clay Lacy Aviation: Line Service Technician

The Line Service Technician is a customer service position that is responsible for supporting all ground operations for inbound and outbound aircraft crews and passengers. Job responsibilities include aircraft marshaling, towing, fueling, and other ground support responsibilities. In addition, Line Service is a support position to other departments: Charter, Aircraft Maintenance, and Facilities requiring good decision-making skills, the ability to follow company procedures, flexibility in a dynamic working environment and good communication skills. Your safety is important to us. Line Service Technicians work with fuels and other flammable, hazardous materials; proper handling procedures must be followed. The airport area is a high noise environment; the use of personal protection equipment is required. Operating vehicles and moving aircraft in close proximity of people, buildings and other aircraft require extreme caution. Procedures must be followed for your personal safety, the safety of others, and the protection of company and customer property.

Location: John Wayne Airport

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