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County Executive Office: Assistant Safety and Health Manager

The Assistant Safety and Health Manager will report to the Manager of the Safety & Loss Prevention Program (County Safety Manager). This position will assist with the administration, coordination and management of countywide safety and loss prevention programs, as well as projects to meet program goals under the general direction of the County Safety Manager. Job duties may include managing programs and projects which may involve:

  • Creating, reviewing, revising, and updating safety and loss prevention program policies and procedures to ensure compliance, consistency, and relevancy.

  • Establishing and implementing systems to ensure compliance with safety regulations, and County Safety & Loss Prevention Program policies and procedures

  • Gathering and analyzing data to identify injury and accident trends to help direct programs and practices to mitigate those risks, and creating meaningful metrics to help monitor effectiveness and progress towards established goals

  • Establishing and improving systems to conduct the business of safety and loss prevention efficiently and effectively

  • Establishing and managing a robust program to mitigate risks related to injuries cause by poor ergonomics, including office ergonomics

  • Creating and implementing training programs that efficiently and effectively provide for a better educated workforce with respect to safety and loss prevention, and the creation of greater awareness of County resources

  • Collaborating with County agencies and departments to create plans to mitigate their respective safety risks in a manner consistent with the strategic goals of the Safety and Loss Prevention Program

  • Supervising and leading assigned staff to achieve Safety and Loss Prevention Program goals

  • Other programs and projects as assigned

Location: Orange County, CA

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