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County of Orange Executive Office: Care Coordination Manager/Grant and Program Administrator

The Office of Care Coordination engages across Orange County, working with cities and community-based organizations to strengthen regional capacity and multi-city, multi-sector investments to prevent and address homelessness, coordinate public and private resources to meet the needs of the homeless population in Orange County and promote integration of services throughout the community that improve the countywide response to homelessness.

The Office of Care Coordination is seeking:

  • Grant and Program Administrator (Administrative Manager I) - In this role, the incumbent will support the Office of Care Coordination with grant management, including budget, data analysis and fulfill reporting requirements needed for a variety of homeless service programs funded by federal, state, and local funding sources. The Grant and Program Administrator will support in applying for grants and funding opportunities, as well as designing programs based on evidenced-based and emerging practices that best meet the needs of people at risk of homelessness or experiencing homelessness.

  • Care Coordination Manager (Administrative Manager I) - In this role, the incumbent will support and implement the initiatives of the Office of Care Coordination and engage County Departments and community stakeholders in the countywide strategic plan to address homelessness. The Care Coordination Manager will provide support to the Commission to End Homelessness and work to implement the Care Plus Program.

Responsibilities and duties for these positions will include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Effectively communicate goals, objectives, and strategies on behalf of the Director of Care Coordination during internal County meetings, steering committee meetings, to stakeholder groups, and with County Contracted providers.

  • Meet the Office of Care Coordination objectives in addressing and preventing homelessness by identifying and implementing strategic, short- and long-range planning and programmatic frameworks and policy that improve the overall System of Care.

  • Knowledge of homeless service programs, policies and operations including homelessness prevention, street outreach, emergency shelter, permanent supportive housing, care coordination, and support services to assist people in exiting from homelessness.

  • Manage special initiatives under the Office of Care Coordination, including Data Integration, Care Plus Program, Marching Home to End Veteran Homelessness and building out the Orange County System of Care.

  • Evaluate funding and programs impact and efficacy through qualitative and quantitative measures to provide strategic recommendations and policy decisions to improve service delivery in Orange County.

  • Develop, analyze, and compile data reports reflective of the initiatives and programs being implemented to address homelessness in Orange County.

  • Prepare written reports, documents and briefing materials on initiatives launched by the Office of Care Coordination, subsequent progress reports, and status updates.

  • Prepare materials for public presentations that clearly, logically, and concisely communicate complex information to various audiences, including public presentations on behalf of the Office of Care Coordination.

  • Provide staffing support to Boards and Commissions that focus on homelessness, including creating briefing materials and briefing members and commissions

  • Participate in ad hoc committees to achieve desired outcome.

  • Work collaboratively across County Departments on programs and services that impact homelessness to improve care coordination and program outcomes.

  • Draft and submit grant applications to the State and Federal government for funding opportunities to address and prevent homelessness within Orange County.

  • Administrative management for federal and state grant funds, including serving as point of contact for federal and state agencies, research and analysis of legislation and program components for grant activities and budget requirements.

  • Provide direct oversight over contracted service providers to ensure grant compliance, meet contractual obligations, and other County administrative documentation relating to grant and program management.

Location: Orange County, CA

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