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County of Orange Social Services Agency: Medical Director

Reporting to the Director of SSA, the Medical Director will serve as an adviser and expert in the development and application of comprehensive integrated health programs and services, including prevention efforts for current SSA clients and those at-risk of requiring services. The primary job duties of the Medical Director include, but are not limited to:

  • Upholds the values and mission of SSA while making significant professional contributions

  • Provides expert guidance in interactions with local health care agencies and medical providers

  • Helps develop and oversee contracts for medical services embedded in or in partnership with SSA

  • Provides medical leadership for community medical and safety efforts that coordinate responses to topics like child abuse, neglect and trauma, access to medical care, social determinants of health and more

  • Provides executive leadership for relevant medical projects and coordinates with other local agencies and providers in response to legislative and process changes such as California Advancing and Innovating Medi-Cal (CalAIM)

  • Provides education to medical doctors in the community on child abuse, neglect, maltreatment and trauma, and social determinants of health including Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)

  • Participates in OC multi-disciplinary teams that:

  • Educate about child abuse and neglect prevention and identification

  • Ensure children are protected

  • Review the death of children, women and the elderly

  • Enhances support for and knowledge of pediatric providers in order to increase:

  • Quality of care

  • Accuracy of medical opinions

  • Appropriate reporting to the Child Abuse Registry

  • Referrals to services for high risk families

  • Consults on emergent public health threats in accordance with laws and regulations of the state of California and on specific agency policy and practice related to SSA matters

  • Participates in disaster planning

  • Trains community medical providers, residents, students, SSA social work staff; law enforcement; other community partners, and the general public

  • Participates in the development and implementation of goals, objectives, policies, and priorities for assigned programs including providing administrative direction

  • Acts as liaison to other County agencies/departments, including SSA business partners, when required

  • Maintains a current, valid California medical license

  • Analyzes, comprehends, and interprets applicable state and federal laws

  • Performs other duties and responsibilities as required

Location: Orange County, CA

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