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Hospital Association of Southern California: Workforce Development Program Manager

The following information was provided by Hospital Association of Southern California

The Workforce Development Program Director is responsible for activities that promote workforce pipeline development, career pathways and workforce recruitment and retention, based on hospital workforce needs and in alignment with HASC strategic priorities. This position serves as an industry representative by advocating in the interest of hospitals; collects, analyzes and presents data on current and future workforce needs; creates plans to address workforce needs; cultivates and maintains hospital and academic partnerships; supports HASC Regional Vice Presidents on county-level workforce development issues as needed.

Major Duties:

  1. Workforce Development – Creates, manages, and executes a variety of workforce development programs, designed to address health care workforce shortage occupations; responsible for program development, implementation, evaluation, grantor requirements, contractor invoicing and payments and annual progress reports; educates local colleges/universities and civic groups about hospital workforce needs; promotes high school and college candidates for internships in hospitals; identifies resources and opportunities for greater alignment across the local workforce system; provides best practices to hospitals to help retain and recruit a qualified workforce. – 40%

  2. Workforce Data and Research – Conducts surveys to determine hospitals’ workforce needs; reviews and edits quarterly Healthcare Workforce Survey and communicates with organizations to help increase participation; research workforce development pipeline models and best practices; disseminates hospital data and/or makes presentations to local workforce investment boards, academic institutions, chambers of commerce and other community stakeholders. – 20%

  3. Industry-Academic Partnerships – Cultivates existing partnerships and identifies gaps and opportunities between hospitals and academic institutions to ensure a successful future workforce pipeline for relevant, in-demand skills and occupations; documents; create and maintain a database of all industry-academic partnerships. – 10%

  4. Communications – Convene and oversee program meetings; assists in developing articles, presentations, reports, flyers and other marketing collateral and digital media campaigns to promote workforce development initiatives; attends as a member of various committees; provides program information to stakeholders and committees; organizes (in-person/virtual) events 20%

  5. Grant Funding (Program Development and Training) – Actively seeks grant funding opportunities to support the development of new programs; identifies grant sources for incumbent workers; communicates funding opportunities to hospitals. – 10%

  6. All other duties as assigned.


  1. Knowledge of business development, factors affecting business and community vitality.

  2. Excellent computer skills, including Microsoft Word, Office, Excel and survey platforms.

  3. Proficient in social media applications for business and promotion (i.e. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn.)

  4. Proven organizational abilities, customer service, and time-management skills, Ability to collect and evaluate data and information and formulate a course of action related to workforce development.

  5. High level of accuracy and attention to detail required.

  6. Skill in organizing and prioritizing own workload.

  7. Skill in producing accurate work.

  8. Skill in maintaining a professional demeanor in person and over the phone.

  9. Skill in communicating effectively and accurately (grammatical and spelling) both orally and in writing, in English.

  10. Skill in using and understanding software programs – specifically, Microsoft Word, Excel, and Access, with a particular emphasis on database-type software programs.

  11. Skill in typing no less than 65 words per minute, as well as using 10-key adding machine.

  12. Ability to work in a team environment and demonstrate effectiveness in doing so.

  13. Ability to work effectively with a diverse group of people from different professional levels with an emphasis on customer service – and in a diplomatic manner.

Education and Experience:

At least 1 – 2 years of related experience as a recruiter or workforce development professional. Knowledge of public sector workforce systems and educational program development a plus. Bachelor’s degree, with specialization in business, public relations, or human resources.

One Team Culture Expectations:

Culture is everything, and we work hard at being a unified One Team. All team members must consistently demonstrate the following behaviors:

  • We assume the Positive Intent of our team members first.

  • No Hoarding Rule – We believe in open and transparent exchange of the information.

  • We believe our relationships with each other are an important component of our success.

  • We-ism – We operate with an associations-first mindset, which includes a strong commitment to our team members.

  • All for One – We strive to be great and reliable team members for each other.