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OC Health Care Agency: Chief Compliance Officer (Administrative Manager III)

The Chief Compliance Officer shall be responsible for monitoring day-to-day compliance activities engaged in by the County of Orange Health Care Agency. The position will be responsible for the following:

  • Implementation of the HCA Compliance Program and to ensure compliance with Federal Health Care program requirements

  • Advising the Agency and Assistant Directors, and Executive Team regarding compliance issues including regulatory, fiscal, operations and policy

  • Serving as a member of the HCA Executive Team to participate in establishing Agency policy and operational oversight

  • Chairing the HCA Compliance Committee

  • Instituting, maintaining, and revising, as needed, a Code of Conduct, and policies and procedures to ensure compliance with the requirements of federal healthcare programs

  • Developing and implementing policies and procedures relating to the safeguarding of Protected Health Information (PHI) which is used or disclosed by the HCA

  • Planning, implementing, maintaining, and evaluating training and communication programs to ensure that all employees are educated about the Compliance Program, Code of Conduct, policies and procedures, use of the compliance telephone hotline, and other specific compliance issues as deemed necessary

  • Establishing employee reporting channels, including, but not limited to, a compliance telephone hotline, which employees and contractors may use to seek guidance on compliance issues and to report misconduct, including actual or potential violations of law, regulation, policy, procedure, or the Code of Conduct in a confidential manner and without fear of retaliation

  • Identifying potential areas of compliance risk for HCA as well as advising and assisting Agency management in coordinating internal compliance policies and procedures

  • Coordinating compliance investigations of alleged violations of law and the Code of Conduct and making independent and objective recommendations for corrective action, if necessary to prevent recurrence of a violation

  • Responding appropriately if a violation is uncovered, including proper reporting of violations of law to management and to legal counsel. Conducting follow-up reviews to determine whether problems or violations have been effectively addressed

  • Coordinating with Human Resources, Contract Development, Management Services and appropriate program staff to prohibit the employment or contracting with persons or entities prohibited from participation in federal health care programs

  • Reporting regularly to the HCA Director/Assistant HCA Director on the status of the Compliance Program

  • Ensuring that HCA meets compliance reporting obligations or requirements for state and federal health care programs

  • Manages the HCA Privacy team

  • Has an independent reporting relationship to the County Fraud Hotline and is authorized to report on compliance matters directly to this Department at any time

  • Responsible for any reporting obligations to state or federal oversight agencies

  • Managing and providing oversight to HCA's Custodian of Records

Location: Orange County, CA

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