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OC Public Works: Capital Programs Development Manager (Administrative Manager II)

The Capital Programs Development Manager will be responsible for infrastructure programming within the OC Infrastructure Programs service area at OC Public Works. The position requires a seasoned administrator and innovator to manage all aspects of planning and programming horizontal capital improvement projects from inception to completion. Project categories under the purview of this manager include road, flood, and bike-way improvements.

The Capital Programs Development Manager's job duties include, but are not limited to:

  • Development of the department's horizontal Capital Improvement Program for road, bridge, flood, and bikeway facilities including developing, monitoring, and maintaining the 7-Year Capital Improvement Program and its budget

  • Allocate projects based on priority, available resources, funding deadlines, etc.

  • Scope new programs or projects based on deficiencies

  • Secure and administer grant funding to implement the department's horizontal programs and project

  • Manage the department's Road Fee programs which include reviewing building permits, assessing road fees, processing fee credit requests by developers, applying road fees toward construction costs of the designated projects, and providing support to the public, participating cities, and other stakeholders

  • Track agreements and memorandums with monetary commitments

Location: Orange County, CA

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