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Orange County Health Care Agency: Mental Health and Recovery Services Program Manager

MHRS is looking for experienced and energetic leaders to work with County and community partners to ensure programs provide consistent services within appropriate levels of care that are in compliance with the Mental Health Services Act (MHSA) and Medi-Cal regulations. These positions play a pivotal role in making decisions regarding developing, planning, and supervising programs that provide services to improve the lives of individuals struggling with mental health and substance use disorders. These positions will oversee multiple programs and will provide guidance, clinical and administrative supervision to staff responsible for day-to-day operations.

Additional duties include:

  • Working with high level managers of other departments and staff to develop and implement new programs and to identify and implement system enhancements or service delivery improvements

  • Managing multiple sites and/or programs, within budgetary guidelines and with program support, and providing guidance, clinical, and administrative supervision to HCA Service Chiefs by interpreting and implementing policy and procedures appropriately

  • Developing strong teams, where Human Resources (HR) issues are immediately addressed, and a focus on professional growth, building positive morale, and team effort

  • Establishing training protocols, policies, and/or guidelines on administrative processes, clinical expectations, and operations

  • Conducting research, training, and implementation of Best Practices for specialized populations

  • Working with County and community partners to ensure MHRS programs are providing consistent and appropriate levels of care and ensuring access to services

  • Partnering with Authority and Quality Improvement Services (AQIS) staff to oversee program compliance with Medi-Cal/Medicare documentation and treatment requirements, quality management activities, and audits

  • Overseeing the development, analysis, and presentation of productivity data and performance objective outcome data

  • May develop and implement corrective action plans for various audits including documentation, Integrated Records Information System (IRIS), and California Outcome Measurement Service (CalOms)

Location: Orange County, CA

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