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Social Services Agency: Senior Social Worker

This recruitment will be used to fill current and future vacancies in the following programs:

  • Adult Services-Adult Protective Service The SSW in this program will respond to and investigate allegations of elder and dependent adult abuse and neglect. SSW are responsible for documenting their interactions and findings into the County of Orange data base, providing crisis intervention, establishing linkages with local community agencies, and providing resources to clients when deemed appropriate.

  • SSWs are also responsible for providing case management services to APS Clients who require additional assistance in stabilization, while minimizing or alleviating the risk of abuse or neglect including self-neglect.

  • Family Self Sufficiency-Domestic Abuse Services Unit (DASU) The SSW in this program is responsible for working with victims of domestic abuse to achieve safety and self-sufficiency. The SSW is expected to work collaboratively with Case Managers (CM), Employment and Eligibility Specialists (EES), and internal/external partners to identify and address barriers and safety issues for CalWORKs participants that disclose domestic abuse. DASU SSW works as part of a multi-disciplinary team to develop individually tailored case plans that meet the needs of the client and meet the requirements of the CalWORKs program. The DASU SSW responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Completing initial and ongoing assessments of safety and eligibility to the Domestic Abuse Program

  • Determining and addressing risk factors and barriers which limit Welfare-to-Work (WTW) participation

  • Continually assess risks of dependent adults and the elderly

  • Coordinate conferences, case plans, and supportive services with CMs and EESs

  • Engage, motivate, and empower clients to participate in therapeutic and employment related services and activities

  • Complete case notes, DASU forms, and short summaries in the CalWIN system

Location: Orange County, CA

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