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Test of Adult Basic Education

What is a TABE Test? 

Performing well on the TABE will not only help you assess and develop crucial life skills but also enable you to pursue further education and career opportunities.


What Is The TABE? 

The TABE, or the Test of Adult Basic Education, is an extensive exam that tests an individual's grasp on core skills necessary for success in education and the workplace. This test is used to both assess where students are in terms of practical skills and determine the next steps in educational pursuits. The TABE can also be used as a source of practice for the GED and other standardized tests, as it is both timed and covers similar content. The complete standard TABE test takes three hours or more to complete. 


What's on the TABE? 

The standard TABE test consists of three basic components: reading, language, and mathematics. The three components are divided into seven sections, which can be seen below: 

  • Reading 

  • Language 

  • Language Mechanics 

  • Applied Mathematics 

  • Mathematics Computation 

  • Spelling 

  • Vocabulary

The questions are multiple choice and range in number per section. These sections also have assigned time limits. The language portion is the longest section, containing 55 questions and a 55-minute time limit. The shortest is vocabulary with 20 questions for 10 minutes. 


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