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Veterans and service members offer a range of valuable skills and experiences that employers seek. Build on those strengths and start your journey to a rewarding career, and a promising future. The Veterans’ Employment Program (VEP) is dedicated to helping you succeed in this mission with:

  • No-cost job training and career services

  • Free job placement assistance

  • Veteran Benefits referral assistance

  • Veteran-focused resources

  • A supportive community and network


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Interested in hiring veterans?

As a "Veteran Friendly Employer," you reap the benefits of hiring Veterans with experience in teamwork, leadership, integrity and the ability to get the job done. Through VEP, we connect you to best-fitted veteran candidates, assist in developing customized training plans and reimburse up to 50% of new hire training costs.


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Hire A Veteran


You’ve distinguished yourself serving your country. Now distinguish yourself with employers who are looking for leadership skills and real-world experiences. Through VEP, you’ll have convenient access to a wide range of no-cost job training and services that put you on the path to a fulfilling career. Build on your strengths with:

  • Individualized career coaching and planning

  • Comprehensive skills assessment

  • On-the-job and work-based training

  • Apprenticeships, industry-recognized certificates and degrees

  • Employment readiness and skills training

  • Career workshops and exploration

Support Resources and Referrals


VEP’s dedicated staff is ready to help you find a career that fits your interests and talents. We’ll work closely with you to identify and communicate your marketable skills and connect you to employers seeking your experience. Explore our range of no-cost job placement resources and services including:

  • Access to computers, copiers, fax machines and phones

  • Help writing and posting effective resumes

  • Job leads, job fairs and employer referrals

  • Onsite employer recruitment events

  • Interview workshops

  • Job listings across Orange County


As a veteran, you’ve earned your benefits. At VEP, we’ll help you navigate the process to access:

  • Compensation and Pension

  • Indemnity Compensation

  • Educational Benefits

  • Veterans Readiness and Employment

  • DVA Life Insurance Policies and Premium Waivers

  • CalVet Dependents College Tuition Fee Waivers

  • Discharge Upgrades

  • Home Loan Guarantees Eligibility

  • Veteran’s Home of California Admission


Find a supportive network of fellow veterans, service members and resources to help make a successful transition to civilian life. VEP partners with U.S. VETS Peer Support and Outreach to provide:

  • Behavioral health resources

  • Access to women’s resources

  • Virtual behavioral health seminars

  • Emergency, transitional and permanent housing resources

  • Substance use disorder treatment

  • Individual and group counseling


Orange County Veterans Service Office

Schedule an appointment for free benefits claims counseling and processing and referral assistance for veterans, their dependents and survivors.

Learn More.

Please note, the Orange County Veterans Service Office is seeing clients by appointment only.

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Veteran Peer Support & Outreach Program

U.S.VETS has expanded its services in Orange County to provide peer support and outreach to veterans experiencing social isolation.

Connect Today:

Call 866-220-7405

Funded by the Orange County Health Care Agency (OCHCA), Behavioral Health Services, Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act.

  • How does the Veterans Employment Program (VEP) Work?
    VEP ensures active duty military, Veterans, and their eligible dependents receive priority of service to obtain employment and/ or training. VEP provides outreach, recruitment, and skills assessments to target veterans with significant barriers to employment including but not limited to separated service members who have been unemployed 27 or more weeks within the previous 12 months, active -duty members within 180 days of their separation from service, veterans with disabilities (including Veterans Administration military service-related injuries), justice involved veterans, veterans experiencing homelessness or who are at risk of homelessness, and under-represented groups of veterans.
  • How do I enroll into the Veterans Employment Program (VEP)?
    To enroll into VEP, individuals must attend a VEP orientation/ information session in person or virtually, schedule an interview with a VEP coordinator, complete an application, and meet eligibility requirements at the time of desired enrollment or program participation date.
  • Can I enroll into the Veterans Employment Program (VEP) if I am currently employed and want to gain additional skills for a better job?
    Yes, VEP seeks to also provide supportive career services to Veterans who may be under-employed, or dislocated from full time employment, or have one or more barriers to employment, or who’s earnings may not be adequate compared to previous employment earnings.
  • Does current enrollment in a training program disqualify me from participating in the Veterans Employment Program (VEP)?
    No, VEP is a supportive employment program that seeks to ensure veterans and active-duty military members have access to career planning resources including collaboration with other service providers to leverage career transition into the workforce.
  • How can I find out more about Veterans Employment Program (VEP)?
    Interested job seekers and employers seeking to hire Veterans may obtain VEP information and request follow-up inquiry by visiting
  • If I receive unemployment benefits can participate in Veterans Employment Program (VEP)?
    Yes, if a job seeker is receiving unemployment insurance and desires to enter employment or training, VEP provides supportive employment and career planning services to assist veterans with the ability to compete in the workforce including making connection with employers and potential on the job training.
  • If I already receive employment services from my Veterans Administration education benefits or State Vocational rehabilitation, does that disqualify me from Veterans Employment Program (VEP) enrollment?
    No, VA education benefits or participation in State Vocational Rehabilitation is not a determination for enrollment into VEP.

Serving You

Veterans seeking career and support services, enroll here.

Employers seeking to hire Veterans, register here.

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